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REVIEW: Polska Rootz @ The Wire
The Wire (# 308, Oktober 2009): Polska RootsBeats, Dubs, Mixes & Future Folk From Poland EasternBlock CD Reggae and dub permeated Soviet-era Poland. Back in the 1970s, punk outfits Kryzys and Brygada Kryzys took the lead from British counterparts and openend up to reggae; in the Gdansk shipyards in the 80s, thousands of Poles wearing red, gold and green gathered for all- day reggae concerts, and the cry of "Rastafari" was code for revolt.  Most of the examples here cover a broad fusion spectrum, from the crazed violin-driven klezmer/ska hybrid "Hiszpan" by Lao Che, to the wonderful improvising street jazz outfit Meritum, led by clarinet on "Misszcz". The centrepiece is the meeting of musicians from the Trebunie Tutki family, highlanders from the Tatra Mountains, with Norman Grant from The Twinkle Brothers, on "Don´t Betray My Love". It ´s remixed by Adrian Sherwood into a remarkable seven minute opus capturing the spirit of the times. Steve Barker
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